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Working together with Manchester Road Sports School for the good of its children

We are the Friends of Manchester Road, an organization of volunteers that does whatever it can to support the school in what it tries to do. We are made up of parents of pupils. If you are a parent with a child at Manchester Road, you are automatically one of us. Read on to find out more about us and the school itself…

Manchester Road is a sports school. That means that while it places the same importance on mainstream academy education as any other good British school, it puts extra emphasis on sports and physical development. The students play football, rugby, basketball and hockey against other schools and play them very well indeed.

The work we do to support the school is more to do with the pupils’ academic development, but we do also assist the sports side of things by soliciting donations from companies and other organizations that help pay for things like sports kit and the buses that take the teams to their sports matches.

We also undertake work to arrange for vocational training opportunities for our pupils when they approach school-leaving-age. We have arranged job interviews for many of the less-able pupils at local supermarkets, and for those more able ones that have earned places at a University, we arrange gap years for them in work environments related to what they will be studying. For the extra sporty ones who want to work in a fitness role after they leave us, we help them gain the qualifications they require to work in the fitness industry. For example, we have a personal training courses scholarship setup with Discovery UK that we can use to get a free PT course for one of our pupils every year.

We hold meetings every month in the pavillion in the park opposite the school playground. We enourage all parents to come along and get involved.

Junior Building

Manchester Road is a Primary School, which opened on 7th October, 1907. It is now categorised as a Community school.
Each of the two main school buildings has a central hall with adjacent classrooms. The Infant building has a post-war extension comprising two large classrooms. Two Junior classes are housed in an additional pre-fabricated building. Both departments have libraries equipped with fiction and non-fiction books which the children are encouraged to select and take home. Both departments have well-equipped ICT rooms, which are used by all the pupils in the school.

There is a secure outdoor play area for Foundation Stage.

“This is a good school that gives good value for money…………”

“Pupils behave well, have good attitudes to work and are well cared for and supported in this inclusive school….”

“Provision in the Foundation Stage is good…”

“The school is well led and managed and sets itself high targets……..”

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